24 Mar 2017

Device Ban on Flights

This week, both the US and UK announced a ban on laptops and tablets aboard certain flights; devices larger than a smartphone will not be allowed in cabins and need to be placed into hold luggage and checked in before going through security. Some travellers will be forced to pay extra fees for a checked bag if they want to use the gadgets at their destination. The full announcement by the Department of Transport can be viewed here.

In response to this, Emirates will be offering a complimentary laptop-handling service to their passengers - devices can be used up until boarding and then will have to be handed over to security staff at the gate. The devices will be packed into boxes and loaded into the aircraft hold for customers to pick up on arrival. ABTA have warned that laptops and tablets are not typically covered by travel insurance policies for loss, damage or theft if placed in the hold. They offer their advice to affected passengers here.

17 Mar 2017

The Brexit Effect

Much has been written over the past year about the implications of Brexit for the UK; KPMG published this report which looked at the likely impact on various trade sectors. Possible outcomes for the travel industry in the wake of the vote can be seen here as well as in this ABTA/Deloitte report.

As the uncertainty continues, this article by the Guardian, provides a detailed insight into what Brexit will mean for the aviation industry, in particular, for short-haul European travel.

10 Mar 2017

ABTA's 2017 Travel Trends report is now available; it includes the 12 key destinations to keep an eye on this year, a market overview for 2016 and market outlooks for cruise, domestic and overseas holidays.


24 Feb 2017

Philanthropic Travel

A report, 'Good Travels' by Tourism Cares, has found that philanthropy has become increasingly important to travellers; research showed that 55% of travellers had volunteered services or donated money to a destination they had visited in the past two years. 

This case study discusses how the need for 'purpose-driven travel' led to a partnership between The Travel Corporation and 'ME to WE', a for-profit social enterprise that uses its revenues to develop local communities by creating a platform for coordinating the volunteer work of 'ME to WE' and the company’s travel programs.

17 Feb 2017

Focus on.... Barcelona

Barcelona's popularity as a tourist destination recently brought local residents on to the streets; they were protesting against the number of residential apartments being offered as holiday accommodation, causing prices of their homes to rise.

The city council listened and with the aim of balancing the economic benefits of mass tourism with quality of life, passed a new law: the Special Urban Development Plan for Tourist Accommodation (PEUAT) will limit the number of hotel rooms in each accommodation and will stop the issuing of permits to turn apartments into accommodation for servers, such as those of Airbnb. The opening of new hotels in certain areas will also be prohibited. 

If you are looking for resources on Barcelona, this page might help; as well as statistics, it contains detailed reports on a range of tourism-related topics.

30 Jan 2017

Travel Trade Gazette

The latest issue of TTG gives updates from the travel industry, including an interview with G Adventures' Bruce Poon Tip, on recent acquisitions. United Airlines, airports and cruises come under the spotlight in 'City and Finance' whilst 'Toolkit' features tips on technology and top sales and marketing techniques from the experts; we also follow the travel career of Reed Exhibitions', Charlotte Sutton. Featured destinations are Oakland in California and Boston, USA.