25 Nov 2015

Independent Hotels: Marketing & Distribution

Independent hotels often have to compete within a marketplace dominated by chain-affiliated brands to online booking sites and Google, as well as against substantial marketing budgets. In this report (free registration required), online marketing and distribution strategies for independent hotels are discussed, suggesting that integration of best practices across multiple channels, plus consideration of the mobile traveller and the social web, is key to capturing and retaining guests.

23 Nov 2015

The Future of Transport

This month's report by Raconteur is all about transport and the direction it's taking. Articles include the regeneration of the UK’s Victorian railways, the latest mega projects making waves across the globe, driverless cars, key transformations in the aviation industry and seven of the most innovative transport solutions.

20 Nov 2015


Skift is an intelligence and marketing platform for the travel industry, providing news, information, data and services via its website. There are a number of free trends reports available, covering current topics such as 'Social Media Trends for Tourism Boards', the 'Rise of Food Tourism' and 'Airlines and Direct-Channel Booking'.

Amongst Skift's new publications are yearbooks, which give longer-term trend forecasts (registration required). Two have been published so far with the first issue shining a spotlight on this year's megatrends. Thirty different 'fault lines' and conflicts that are shaping the future of the travel industry globally, are explored in the latest 'Versus' issue'; here are some of the contents:

  • Cruise Industry vs. Non-Cruisers
  • Customer Service vs. Customer Experience
  • Sustainable Travel vs Consumer Apathy 
  • Low-Cost Airlines vs. Full-Service Airlines

19 Nov 2015

Report: Travel & Tourism Economic Impact 2014

This report by WTTC, discusses the economic contribution of tourism, to include GDP, employment, exports and investments. 

As well as looking at direct economic impacts, the report has aimed to capture research into the indirect and induced impacts of tourism. 

18 Nov 2015

ATWS: The Revolution is Bigger than the Industry


The Adventure Travel World Summit was held in Chile recently, bringing together over 700 travel professionals, including influential writers and entrepreneurs from across the adventure community. Here is a collection of inspiring presentations at the event, delivered by a diplomat, a chef and a mountaineer.

13 Nov 2015

EasyJet boss calls for tighter security

Following the recent aircraft crash in Egypt, EasyJet chief executive, Carolyn McCall, has added her voice calling for tightened security at a number of airports, stating this is a global issue. Foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, has already called for a review of airport security following the Russian aircraft tragedy earlier this month. 

Meanwhile, holiday makers have been cutting short their holidays in Egypt and returning home. A suspension of flights to Egypt has resulted in resorts such as Sharm El Sheikh, usually bustling at this time of year, lying deserted - another blow to Egypt's tourism industry, which was still struggling to recover from a slump following civil unrest in 2011. This article takes a close look at the rise and fall of tourism in Egypt. 

6 Nov 2015

Teachers ‘confused’ by term-time holiday rules

A research study has found that of 500 teachers, only 4% of them would consider imposing staggered terms and more than half said they were not even aware that staggering was an option. Since September, headteachers have had the power to set their own dates for school terms with the hope that this will produce staggered school holiday dates, which could reduce holiday prices for families. The issue was debated in the House of Commons earlier this week when MPs heard that 90% of school heads would welcome advice from the government about what constitutes an “exceptional circumstance”.