21 Oct 2014

Premier Traveler Magazine

The latest issue of Premier Traveler is now available. 
Premier Traveler provides the latest news from the worlds of hospitality and airlines; main articles discuss the leading women in travel, airline loyalty programmes and target marketing the LGBT community. Destinations highlighted in this issue are Chicago, Jeju Island, Monaco and San Antonio.

20 Oct 2014

International Volunteering Conference

An International Volunteering Conference will take place this Saturday, 25th October at Braithwaite Hall in Croydon Town Hall. Organised by Tourism Concern, it is aimed at prospective volunteers and those interested in ‘voluntourism’. The full day event will include discussion groups, presentations and a chance to speak to past volunteers and members of our Ethical Volunteering Group. 
Click here for more details and to register.

Tourism and Social Media Collection

To celebrate the launch of their new Tourism, Hospitality & Events Social Media Twitter page, Taylor & Francis have assembled a collection of recent articles that explore the relationship between Tourism and Social Media, from both tourist and industry viewpoints. They are also offering two week's of free access to a selection of tourism journals too. 

In the news...

The building of Dragon Bridge in the port of Da Nang, Vietnam has proved to be much more than a tourist attraction. By connecting the city, there has been a surge in activity and trade, providing local people with jobs and giving the local economy a much-needed boost. More on this story here...

17 Oct 2014

Tourism in the Mediterranean and the Black Seas

A recent issue of the 'Journal of Tourism Challenges and Trends' focusses on Tourism in the Mediterranean and the Black Seas; here are the contents:
  • Tourists’ Perception of Green Practices in Eco-Friendly Hotels: a Case Study from the Antalya Region of Turkey 
  • Segmenting the Travel Market Based on the Tourists’ Need for Novelty 
  • Euro-Med as a Market-Driven Regionalisation
  • Can Rural Tourism Foster Local Development? 
  • Destination Branding through Experience and Authenticity

15 Oct 2014

Resarch Tips

Are you currently working on your dissertation/project? 

If you are a final year or masters student, you may want to widen your research horizons; so here are some tips to guide you in your quest for information.

From the results page in Usearch, tick the 'Add results beyond your library's collection' box for additional internet results. This works well - you may find this produces more results than the same search in Google Scholar! Bear in mind though, many of the external articles will only provide an abstract.

Sconul Access
A membership scheme for university students, allowing them to borrow/use books or browse print journal collections at participating universities for research purposes.

Google's dedicated search engine provides results specifically from scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines. As mentioned above, you may find that many of the articles cannot be accessed in fulltext.

This a service allowing free access to over 1.5 million academic articles, at participating public libraries across the UK. You must become a member of the library that you are visiting; articles can only be printed from a computer at that library and cannot be downloaded. You may want to search the database before you go.

Inter-Library Loan service (ILL)
What do you do when you have a great abstract, but don't want to pay £10+ for the fulltext article? Double-check in Usearch (or via Athens), as we may have a subscription to the journal. If not, the article/ book can be ordered via ILL.  There is a charge for this service; please ask at the main counter for more details.

Hope this helps! If you have questions regarding any of the above or if there are gaps remaining in your research, please email me with your query or we can set up a meeting to discuss your research needs in-depth.

10 Oct 2014

Referencing: the importance of variety

 ... So they say, and this is no less true of reference lists. If you want to impress your lecturers, try including a variety of resources in your work ...

You may have heard me mention in one of the Level 4 tutorials recently, how crucial journals are to HE research. It's a good idea to explore titles relevant to your course early on and learn how to effectively search for these as well as other online resources. These can be accessed via the Library & E-resources page in the Portal and this should be your starting point for every assignment. By using these resources regularly, you will feel much more confident when your begin researching for your dissertation/research project later on.

Other resources to explore are market research reports, company analysis, newspapers, dvds, podcasts, webinars (the list goes on), which can all provide valuable data to support your work.

Searching through online resources, and then referencing these correctly, can seem a daunting task, but there's no need to struggle! Email me for an appointment and I'll point you in the right direction by showing you where to find the most relevant resources for your particular assignment - I can also help with referencing queries too.