24 Apr 2015

Travel Trade Gazette

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Report: Global Talent Trends

'Global Talent Trendsand Issues for the Travel & Tourism Sector' is a study into the HR 'talent deficit' crisis in the industry, which currently has a shortfall of 14 million jobs at a global level. The research was undertaken in 46 countries and concluded that the shortfall in most of these countries was significantly higher than those faced in other sectors and highlights the future economic impact that this challenge will have on the global economy.

23 Apr 2015

Tourism in Africa

This report by key authors, L. Twining-Ward and I. T. Christie, discusses tourism development in Africa with many case studies of best practice in other countries, particularly in the area of sustainable growth. Recommendations for tourism competitiveness strategies are included, based on stories of tourism economic success and failure.

22 Apr 2015

WTTC Global Summit 2015

The annual WTTC Summit took place in Madrid last week, bringing together travel and tourism leaders, top representatives from both public and private sectors, travel associations and the media, to network and discuss key issues and challenges facing the industry.

The WTTC’s annual economic impact assessment, published in March, estimated travel and tourism contributed £188 billion to UK GDP in 2014; WTTC president and chief executive, David Scowsill, pointed out that despite its success as a tourism destination, the UK still does not have government representation at an international level in the industry; he advised that Britain needed to take a number of steps to ensure it doesn't lose its world ranking: the visa application process needs to be simplified; Air Passenger Duty (APD) must be reformed; a decision is needed to address the "chronic under-supply of airport capacity in the South East". He added that to help cut down on queues at UK airports, an investment in more automation is needed. Travel Weekly have posted full coverage of key presentations; videos of the event are also available.

2 Apr 2015

The Pan-American Highway

A TV programme grabbed my attention last night and prompted me to write something about the Pan-American Highway. The travellers, Dara O Briain and Ed Byrne, are following in the footsteps of three explorers who originally made the journey from Detroit to Cape Horn, in 1940-41; driving in their Plymouth sedan, they completed the 14,000 mile journey at a time when there were few passable roads. Their adventures were recorded in a book - 'Adventure South' some of which can be viewed online.

Mainly a travel diary, the book contains pictures and accounts of experiences with many peoples across central and south American countries. The route has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest motorable road in the world; the highway covers Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile.
There is just one point that is impassable by road even today: a 100-mile gap between Panama and Colombia, which can only be traversed by air or sea.

If you are brave enough to consider making this trip, here are a few useful words of advice you may want to take with you.

TTG 2.4.15

This week's TTG is out with features including a discussion on why brand loyalty is not enough - a strong customer focus is needed to deliver the right product at the right price; there is a special report on developing expedition and niche cruises; Facebook's UK head of travel gives an interview and there's a look ahead at which holiday spots are likely to be popular this summer.

1 Apr 2015

Just Joking ....

One of the best April 1st jokes - courtsey of WestJet ..... enjoy!