12 Nov 2014

Caribbean: a new model for sustainable tourism?

Social reformer and entrepreneur, Val Kempadoo, is interviewed by Leisure Management on the model of sustainability he has used in his new venture, Kittitian Hill in St Kitts, which is due to open soon. Unlike other large international resorts, his philosophy was to develop a resort which would make use of local resources as far as possible, from his employees, to the food, down to the sea salt used for spa treatments. He has also managed to get the government on board to consider a more sustainable model for the island as a whole.
Read the full interview here

10 Nov 2014

Future of Travel

Videos of the presentations at the recent Skift Global Forum, are now available to be viewed online.  Euromonitor's, Michelle Grant, also gives her feedback on the event.

Some of the topics discussed during the event were marketing in travel, the importance of engaged employees in the industry, curation of travel, radical technology and creativity in travel videos.

7 Nov 2014

WTM Report

The  2014 WTM Global Trends Report is now available
Since its launch in 2006, the report has been at the forefront of accurately predicting major travel trends around the world. It aims to:
  • Identify key trends set to shape the travel industry in seven regions: the Americas, the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, India 
  • Learn about pressing industry issues, emerging brands, destinations, demographics, growth categories and consumer trends
  • Gain insight into to the size and shape of travel and tourism
  • Discover the latest dynamics in travel technology

6 Nov 2014

Tourism, Happiness & Wellbeing

To tie-in with the recent ATLAS annual conference, ATLAS have put together a collection of 30 free articles,
on the conference theme:
'Tourism, Travel and Leisure: 
Sources of Wellbeing, Happiness and Quality of Life?' 

5 Nov 2014

Tourism news...

  • Following the Virgin Galactic crash, Virgin chief Sir Richard Branson says he is "determined to find out what went wrong" and learn from the tragedy. The BBC asks whether the crash will set back Space Tourism?
  • Two landmark cases, ruled in favour of passengers whose flights had been delayed, may mean airlines changing their course as the gates open for many more passengers to claim compensation. Airlines have expressed disappointment, stating that ultimately passengers may have to bear the burden, as the cost of European air travel may rise, leading to unsustainable pricing models for budget airlines. More...
  • The 'Fair Tax on Flying campaign' have called on the Government to urgently review and reduce the Air Passenger Duty (APD), which has been levied for the past 20 years, to bring the UK in line with most of the other EU countries. More...
  • ABTA is warning holidaymakers about the dangers of travelling overseas without travel insurance as new their research reveals that 22% of people now travel abroad uninsured. More...

International Adventure Conference 2014

This year. the International Adventure Conference will be taking place from 24-26 November. It is open to academics, adventure tourism professionals and interested outdoor practitioners. One of the keynote speakers will be Professor Stefan Gössling and world famous mountaineer, Doug Scott, will be the conference’s after-dinner speaker.
There is also an opportunity to take part in the pre-conference programme, with a weekend of workshops and outdoor activities. Find out more here.

30 Oct 2014

Skills for the Travel Industry

If you are working on an assignment to explore the skills required for a career in the travel industry, you may find the following resources useful. Start off with USearch, which will yield an excellent bunch of results - don't forget the limiters on the left of the page which will help narrow your search. ABTA, the leading association of travel agents and tour operators, offers a range of resources on their Training Links and Information page; a report published by ABTA, in association with People 1st, looks at recruitment, training, skills needs and future trends in the UK’s travel industry. Take a look at this report by Take Off in Travel, which discusses careers in the travel and tourism industry and a detailed  job description for a travel agent can be found on The National Careers Service website. If you have any further queries regarding your assignment, come along to one of our workshops or email me