30 Oct 2014

Skills for the Travel Industry

If you are working on an assignment to explore the skills required for a career in the travel industry, you may find the following resources useful. Start off with USearch, which will yield an excellent bunch of results - don't forget the limiters on the left of the page which will help narrow your search. ABTA, the leading association of travel agents and tour operators, offers a range of resources on their Training Links and Information page; a report published by ABTA, in association with People 1st, looks at recruitment, training, skills needs and future trends in the UK’s travel industry. Take a look at this report by Take Off in Travel, which discusses careers in the travel and tourism industry and a detailed  job description for a travel agent can be found on The National Careers Service website. If you have any further queries regarding your assignment, come along to one of our workshops or email me

29 Oct 2014

Leisure Opportunities

Tourism news from Leisure Opportunities:

As space tourism gradually becomes a reality,  Boeing has proposed a space taxi, with a planned seat for paying tourists on-board its proposed craft...more

VisitBritain has created a new version of its international travel trade website, complete with a free self-managing directory to help UK tourism businesses drum up foreign trade...more

The growth potential of the South Africa’s tourism body has launched a new Gandhi-inspired tourism drive, highlighting 13 attractions that enable tourists to “walk in Gandhi’s footsteps and experience the places where he created history in South Africa”...more

UK travel industry was discussed during a seminar at the recent Conservative Party conference, held in Birmingham. The panel discussed the need to raise the profile of UK tourism amongst policy makers and for government to unleash the growth potential of the industry...more

28 Oct 2014

Dark Tourism

QR Code for the  (iDTR)
In association with the Institute for Dark Tourism Research (iDTR), the website at www.dark-tourism.org.uk will soon be changing to become a dedicated ‘dark tourism’ teaching and learning resource hub. This online facility will provide affordable and up-to-date teaching and learning research and resources by world-leading experts. Due to open early 2015...

21 Oct 2014

Premier Traveler Magazine

Premier Traveler provides the latest news from the worlds of hospitality and airlines; main articles discuss the leading women in travel, airline loyalty programmes and target marketing the LGBT community. Destinations highlighted in this issue are Chicago, Jeju Island, Monaco and San Antonio.

20 Oct 2014

International Volunteering Conference

An International Volunteering Conference will take place this Saturday, 25th October at Braithwaite Hall in Croydon Town Hall. Organised by Tourism Concern, it is aimed at prospective volunteers and those interested in ‘voluntourism’. The full day event will include discussion groups, presentations and a chance to speak to past volunteers and members of our Ethical Volunteering Group. 
Click here for more details and to register.

Tourism and Social Media Collection

To celebrate the launch of their new Tourism, Hospitality & Events Social Media Twitter page, Taylor & Francis have assembled a collection of recent articles that explore the relationship between Tourism and Social Media, from both tourist and industry viewpoints. They are also offering two week's of free access to a selection of tourism journals too. 

In the news...

The building of Dragon Bridge in the port of Da Nang, Vietnam has proved to be much more than a tourist attraction. By connecting the city, there has been a surge in activity and trade, providing local people with jobs and giving the local economy a much-needed boost. More on this story here...