26 Feb 2015

UK Airport Expansion: the story so far...

The surge of demand in air travel has highlighted the need for airport expansion in the UK and caused a long-running debate on the topic; a White Paper published back in 2003, was a study of all UK airports and presented a strategic framework for the development of airport capacity in the United Kingdom over the next 30 years; it stated a need for additional runway capacity in the South East by 2030 and proposed a second runway at Stansted, followed by a third at Heathrow. However, these recommendations were rejected by the incoming Government in 2010.

Three years later, the independent Airports Commission was established, responsible for carrying out a nation-wide consultation; interested parties were invited to submit proposals for long-term aviation capacity. The conclusions of the consultation have been set out in an interim report, which considers each of the proposal; it also shortlists three options for UK airport expansion: two at Heathrow and one at Gatwick. The final report is due to be published this summer.

To help shape their decision, the Commission has had to consider the Department of Transport's Aviation Policy Framework, which discusses the benefits and impacts of aviation, in particular, environmental impacts, air quality and noise control; concerns over these issues have been voiced by organisations such as the Airport Environment Federation and Airport Watch.

19 Feb 2015

Update: Cruise Industry

If you are researching the cruise industry and need to get an insight, the Cruise Industry News website is a good place to start, providing up-to-date industry information. Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is the world's largest cruise industry association, which aims to represent the interests of cruise lines and travel agents, before regulatory and legislative policy makers. The CLIA website contains crucial cruise industry policies, regulations, research and publications - this one looks at the economic contribution made by cruise tourism globally.

special industry report by Travel Weekly and this issue by the TTG may also be of interest.

Don't forget market research resources: Mintel's recent 'Cruises' report takes an in-depth look at issues and trends from a consumer as well as industry perspective. Keynote have a report entitled 'Cruise' which includes both a SWOT and PESTEL analysis. Marketline have 350 reports on cruise companies, company news and financial deals.

18 Feb 2015

Measuring Employment in the Tourism Industries

This new publication presents findings in the areas of tourism employment and the economic value of tourism in terms of employment, which conclude that there is still insufficient research in these areas. It recommends that tourism employment needs to be measured and described in a more consistent way. This guide provides some examples of best practices of measuring employment in the tourism industries from countries that have developed a comprehensive set of employment indicators. View a copy of the report here.

13 Feb 2015

An answer to seasonality?

Seasonality remains a major challenge for many destinations worldwide which can have an impact on their economic, environmental and socio-cultural structures. A new project, developed by UNWTO and a number of partners was presented during World Travel Market 2014, proposing the idea of a year-round tourism destination. The project named “Punta del Este 365” brings together the public and the private sector of Punta del Este in Uruguay, showing how innovative public-private partnerships can successfully develop a year-round tourism destination. Read more about the project here.
Here's a video presentation of the project.

Report: Shopping Tourism

UNWTO’s recently released global report on shopping tourism reveals that shopping tourism is a major factor for many tourists as part of the travel experience - sometimes becoming the main activity at their holiday destination. The latest trends in shopping tourism are given, particularly useful for destinations that wish to develop in this area. The full report can be read here.

6 Feb 2015

Air Connectivity: Impact on Tourism in Asia & the Pacific

This publication includes a series of case studies from cities in Asia and the Pacific that illustrate the crucial role of air transport in economic growth and job creation. It shows how well-designed tourism and air transport policies can underpin the growth of tourism while emphasizing the role of low-cost carriers (LCCs) in the transformation of air transport in the region. A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

5 Feb 2015

Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

Recently, 346 companies and associations worldwide signed the Private Sector Commitment to the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. It is a comprehensive set of principles designed to guide key players in tourism development A special focus on social, cultural and economic matters is one of the main objectives of the Commitment, which draws particular attention to human rights, social inclusion, gender equality, accessibility and the protection of vulnerable groups and host communities. In signing the commitment, companies pledge to uphold, promote and implement the values of responsible and sustainable tourism development championed by the Code. Find more information on the Global Code of Ethics here.