23 Jan 2015

'Airplanes without Windowpanes'...

Pic: Courtesy of  CPI 
The early-stage concept for the windowless plane, based on technology used in mobile phones and televisions, is being developed by the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), a UK based organisation that works with companies to develop new products. It imagines how large, hi-definition, ultra thin and lightweight displays could form the inside of the fuselage, displaying exterior images from cameras mounted externally. Read the full story here.

21 Jan 2015

Global Aviation Safety Plan

The '2014–2016 Global Aviation Safety Plan', published by the ICAO, aims to define the means and targets by which ICAO, States and aviation stakeholders can anticipate and efficiently manage air traffic growth while proactively maintaining or increasing safety. It sets out global air navigation safety objectives, to provide a planning framework, timetable and guidance material for States and regions and then outlines implementation strategies and best practice guidance material to assist them. 
Click here to view the report.

14 Jan 2015

Air Safety: update

Courtesy of Brent 2.0 @ Flickr
The United Nations aviation agency, ICAO, will propose a new standard requiring commercial aircraft to report their position every 15 minutes. If the scheme, set to be debated at a major safety conference in Montreal next month, is approved by ICAO members, it could be implemented immediately as it would not require any additional technology or aircraft improvements. ICAO is responsible for setting out the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) necessary for aviation safety, security, efficiency and environmental protection on a global basis. They have published the Safety Report 2014, providing updates on safety indicators including accidents occurring in 2013 and related risk factors.

Meanwhile, black boxes have also come under close scrutiny, particularly the difficulty in finding them as in the case of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, where the black box has still not been recovered. Following on from this, it has been announced that Airbus has now been been given the go-ahead by EASA (European Air Security Agency) to adapt their planes to carry ejectable black boxes that can float.

Did you know that the term 'black box' actually refers to two pieces of equipment - the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder? And that the black box is not black at all, but orange?  Here are some more facts about the black box and the procedure following the recovery of one.

13 Jan 2015

RWC 2015 & Visit England

With the Rugby World Cup due to arrive on English shores in the not-too-distant future, Visit England have launched a new TV ad campaign to encourage visiting rugby fans to take the opportunity to explore some of England's treasures during the RWC. A page dedicated to the campaign also supports the campaign.

TTG: 8.1.15

In this week's issue of the Travel Trade Gazette, read about how Aito and operators are working together to launch projects from consumer events to charity promotions, get an insight into Oxford Private Travel's strategy to expand into the luxury travel market and learn how to use SMART goals to motivate employees. Other features include air safety which comes under the spotlight following the tragic accident of AirAsia QZ8501 and ResponsibleTourism.com give their advice on selling holidays in South Africa.

VisitEngland Tourist Tactics - RWC 2015

9 Jan 2015

Tourism - back on the political menu ...

Following a period of strong performance for the industry, particularly inbound tourism, the main political parties have commented on the contribution of tourism to the economy and it is likely to be put firmly on the agenda for the upcoming election in May. This article comments further on the key issues that tourism businesses would like to see addressed in the party manifestos, namely support measures for seaside and rural tourism businesses, plans for increasing the UK’s airport capacity, considerations over the Cut Tourism VAT Campaign and whether there will be any further reforms to the Air Passenger Duty (APD). 

Before the UK goes to the polls, the Greeks have their own elections later this month. Travel Weekly discuss possible outcomes of the Greek elections, discussing the concern that Greece may be forced to leave the Euro, which in turn may have a negative impact on tourism in Greece, a major industry for the country.