22 Jan 2016

Airport Focus

The latest issues of Airport Focus is now available online. This issue throws a spotlight on airport car-parking, the latest technology to help minimise disruption caused by weather events, how efficient railway links can help create a better customer experience and the introduction of rapid transit systems.

19 Jan 2016

Seminar: Social Impacts of High Volume Tourism

The Tourism Policy Research Group will be holding a free seminar: 
Measurement of the Social Impacts of High Volume Tourists Arrivals 
on a Destination: The Case of Hong Kong

Delivered by: Professor Hanqin Zhang Qiu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Emeritus Professor Carson L. Jenkins, University of Strathclyde.
Venue: Committee Room 3, Hendon Town Hall in London 
Time/Date: 12.30 (with lunch) on Wednesday 27th January 2016.

To book: contact Gulizar Karaca, Programme Administrator, Middlesex University, London.

15 Jan 2016

Route 57: The Great British UK and Irish Road Trip

57 Destinations | 2,590 Miles | 5-8 weeks Drive Time

Route 57 is Jurys Inn Hotels' answer to America's famous 'Route 66'. The trip will be made up of ten short road trips, travelling through 57 destinations along the way, with similar mileage and drive-time to Route 66. Jurys Inn Hotels hopes the route will encourage tourists to explore parts of the route, or the whole route to discover more of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Jurys Inn Hotels' Route 57 campaign follows their 2014 campaign which focussed on the average 36 minutes which UK travellers (particularly those on business) have free when visiting UK cities. In the 36 minute campaign Jurys Inn Hotels sought to highlight attractions to explore across five cities, including Birmingham, as research showed over 90% of Brits said they wished they knew more about the cities they visited.

Selfie-mad ...

Russian daredevils take selfies from top of Hong-Kong skyscrapers (as you do)
Dare to watch the video...!

14 Jan 2016

Conference: Making an Impact

Registration is now open for the University of Surrey’s, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management conference: Making an Impact: Creating Constructive Conversationm, which will be held from 19th-22nd July 2016; the aim is to create conversations, dialogues and exchanges between research end users (including practitioners, policymakers and the industry) and academics and to discuss, showcase and analyze impactful research in a range of innovative and thought-provoking sessions. 

The conference organisers invite poster and concurrent session contributions, which address contemporary tourism, hospitality and events issues and applications of impactful research. There is a Call for Papers - the following themes offer some initial guidance:

· Fair and vibrant societies
· Sustainable growth and development
· Performance, productivity and competitiveness
· Migration, mobility and new dynamics of work and leisure
· Gender, identities & diversity
· Accessibility and inclusion
· Localism, communities, production and consumption
· Opportunities of big data
· Innovative applications to practice
· Knowledge management and transfer
· The limits and challenges for engaged social science
· Transformative social science
· Defining, measuring and assessing impact.

Abstracts should be sent to Surrey2016@surrey.ac.uk; see the Conference Website for key dates and protocols.

13 Jan 2016

Governing National Tourism Policy

A new report considers the role of travel and tourism in government; commissioned by WTTC, it aims to assess and better understand trends in cross-government consultation, as well as cooperation between the public and private sectors and other stakeholders in travel and tourism. 

Although travel and tourism’s economic importance is now widely recognised by governments around the world, the sector often suffers from a lack of co-ordination between different ministries/departments and agencies. This can result in conflicting policy decisions – such as funding promotional campaigns while clamping down on visa-free travel. It is hoped that the findings would help to inform recommendations on the way forward for governments that have not yet embraced a ‘whole-of-government’, or holistic approach to travel and tourism development and management. The report includes snapshots of several countries, looking at their tourism governance, stakeholder consultation/co-operation and what can be learnt.

12 Jan 2016

Future Airport

The latest edition of Future Airport is now available to read online. This issue features an interview with Matt Payne who talks about streamlining at Gatwick Airport. There is a focus on improving the user experience: baggage handling with new tags and baggage tracking hardware that could see an end to lost baggage; the SnoozeCube - micro-hotel rooms to rent inside the terminal for shortstays and self-service using facial recognition. Training, skills and industry-wide co-ordination required to manage the impending skills shortage are discussed and various airports show us how they are future-proofing their operations

Past issues of the magazine are also available online.